Our commitments to provide our clients with the best quality systems and customer services have contributed to our success in the software industry. These have also distinguished us from other consultancy and software consultant company.

Project Experience

Our personnel have extensive computerise project installation and implementation with any complexity of experience. We analyse computerization impact and re-organize personnel job function. In addition, we have acquired a proven project management methodology. It has been our fine reputation that we never failed in any installation/implementation and that is our competitive edge that gives our clients a Peace of mind.

Industrial Knowledge & Accounting Experience

We capitalize on our Property Industrial Knowledge in terms of best common practice in property business process and accounting expertise to provide value added service to our customer. We have extensive experience and knowledge on accountancy, auditing and taxation requirements in Property Industry. All our software packages are built on solid accounting foundation that confirm to accept accounting principles and IFRS International Financial Reporting Standard.

Version Releases

The speed of keep improving our software application is very crucial to make sure that we are staying ahead of our competitor in term of the new effective and efficient business process. With nearly 100 installation in the country allowing us to have 2 version releases in one year. All the best process in the property industry and best practices from all of our client and profound knowledge and experience gained from our property consultant and auditing firm collaboration has allowed us to keep incorporating all the best practices in the property industry in to our YABES AdvancedProperty+ Application. Thus make YABES the best property software in the country.

Excellent After Sales Support – Customer Care

YABES has implemented an integrated CUSTOMER CARE system internally to provide an excellent after sale support to its client that has now being acclaimed the best CUSTOMER CARE System ever implemented in IT Industry.