PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk

MATAHARI PUTRA PRIMA @ MATAHARI GROUP has finally decided to roll-out YABES’s most-comprehensive Property Management System for all of their property projects throughout Indonesia replacing their current system. They have purchased from YABES many additional projects licenses and sub-contracts/ outsource all the implementation services to YABESs team.

Currently , YABES has completed all modules implementation of AdvancedProperty+ complete Property Management System for 12 projects MALL throughout Indonesia many cities. These 12 projects are now under maintenance contract with YABES as part of YABESs customer care program so that these projects will be taken care of by YABESs proven profesional CUSTOMER CARE support centre, while the implementation team could re-focus their energy to accelerate the new implementation projects.

The project listed below are new projects recently purchased from YABES with implementation services. We target this new implementation will GO LIVE in november 2014


Below are some of the new projects implementation :


PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (Company) was established in the Republic of Indonesia on March 11, 1986 based on notarial deed by Budiarti Karnadi, SH No. 30 dated March 11, 1986.

The Company and its Subsidiaries operate (i) a chain of stores which sell such items as daily needs, stationery, books, clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, cosmetics and electrical equipment, and (ii) family entertainment centers known as Time Zone. The Company started commercial operations in 1986.

As of December 31, 2010, the Company (Subsidiary) operates stores in 79 locations, while PT Matahari Graha Fantasi (Subsidiary) operates 70 permanent and 43 non-permanent family entertainment centers, PT Times Prima Indonesia (subsidiary) operates19 stores, PT Prima Gerbang Persada operates 1 shopping center and PT Prima Cipta Lestari operates 9 restaurants. All of these stores, family entertainment centers, shopping center and restaurants are located in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.

The Company has direct ownership in subsidiaries; PT Matahari Department Store Tbk, PT Matahari Super Ekonomi, Matahari International Finance Company B.V., PT Nadya Putra Investama, PT Taraprima Reksabuana, PT Matahari Kafe Nusantara, Matahari Finance B.V., PT Times Prima Indonesia, PT Prima Cipta Lestari, Matahari International B.V., PT Matahari Mega Swalayan, PT Matahari Mega Toserba, PT Matahari Boston Drugstore, Prime Connection Limited, Brighter Limited, PT Matahari Pacific and PT Matahari Graha Fantasi.